Training Workshop: Falmouth 2004 Participants
Falmouth, MA (October 14-16, 2004)
Organizer: Alison Kwok <>

Participants and Affiliation
Andy Beckham
Student Florida A&M University
Don Corner Faculty
University of Oregon
Ana Maria Corzo Student
North Carolina A&T State University
Bob Crowell Faculty University of Virginia
Gregg Daly Sales Manager Onset Computers
Nibedita Das Student Kansas State University
Jeff Dennis Engineer Onset Computers
Beth Lewis Dobson Faculty
Florida A&M University
Stuart Echols Faculty
Pennsylvania State University
R. Todd Gabbard Faculty Kansas State University
Simon Hare Professional Archventures
J. Brooke Harrington Faculty
Temple University
Alaina Jones Student
North Carolina A&T State University
Joseph Michael Kelly Faculty Temple University
Jeffrey Krska Student
California State Polytechnic University
Moses Ling Faculty Pennsylvania State University
Tom Martineau Faculty Florida A&M University
Jack Parchesky Sales Application Onset Computers
Nathan Patrick Student
Pennsylvania State University
Adam Pelkey Student Florida A&M University
Joanna Phillips Marketing Manager Onset Computers
Robert Powell Faculty
North Carolina A&T State University
Nick Rajkovich Faculty Cornell University
Jessica Ruben Student Temple University
Jack Sample Marketing Director Onset Computers
Kevin Settlemyre Faculty Boston Architectural Center

Devon Sylvester

Student Temple University
Greg Thomson Faculty Boston Architectural Center

Hofu Wu

Faculty California State Polytechnic University
Trainers– Graduate Teaching Fellows
Kathy Bevers Student University of Oregon
Sara Goenner Student University of Oregon
Jonathan Meendering Student University of Oregon
David Posada Student University of Oregon
Heidi Spaly Student University of Oregon
Emily Wright Student University of Oregon
SBSE Faculty Trainers
Cris Benton Faculty University of California, Berkeley
Walter Grondzik Faculty Florida A&M University
Bruce Haglund Faculty University of Idaho
John Quale Faculty University of Virginia
Judy Theodorson Faculty Washington State University, Spokane
Jim Wasley Faculty University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Woods Hole Research Center
Joe Hackler Research Associate Woods Hole Research Center
Katharine Woodwell Administrative Associate Woods Hole Research Center
Design Professionals
Mark Rylander Architect William McDonough & Associates
Bob Somers Engineer 2rw Consulting Engineers
Logistics Coordinators
Wendy Fujinaka Student Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rachel Weber Student University of Oregon
AoC Program Development
Tisha Egashira Consultant Scaffold Consulting
Gwen Garrison Faculty AAMC
Alison Kwok Faculty University of Oregon
Karen Levitan Program Officer FIPSE

Training Workshops
- Workshop Overview
- Atlantic Center for the Arts
   New Smyrna Beach, FL
   August 3-6, 2005

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Past Workshops
- Oct 2004 (Falmouth, MA)
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     Team Presentations
     Workshop Images

- Jan 2004 (Phoenix, AZ)
- Aug 2003 (Oberlin, OH)

- Jan 2003 (Portland, OR)

- Jan 2001 (Milwaukee, WI)
- Nov 2000 (Berkeley, CA)

Workshop participants
Falmouth, MA October 2004
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Woods Hole Research Center

William McDonough +Partners
Falmouth, MA