Loaner Toolkits      

We are seeking funding to administer and support the continuation of the Agents of Change loan program and hope to resume the program in the Fall of 2006.

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$ per
$ total
  Hobo Temperature/Relative Humidity/Light/External Loggers
manual (pdf 295 kb)

Temperature/relative humidity/light/external data loggers collect indoor and outdoor climate condition readings.
  Wide-Range Temperature Sensors–6ft.
External sensors can be plugged directly into the external inputs of the HOBO.
  Onset Hoboware Software Kit
(PC and MAC disc and USB cable included)

$95 PC

$59 MAC





  Suunto Compass DP-65 Global
Compass/clinometer measures site orientation and horizon obstructions.
$ 46
  Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter
Weather meter measures instantaneous airflow and direction over sites and in buildings as well as temperature and relative humidity.
  Sylvania Light Meter DS2050
Digital meters measure illuminance in footcandles. Hibbert Group, 1-800-545-4747
  Raytek Infrared Thermometer MT-4
manual (pdf 3.36 mb)

Spot pyranometer measures surface temperatures of building and site materials.
  Testo Velocity Stick 405 V2
Low-cost, mini anemometers measure temperature, velocity, and volume flow.
  Solar Transit Template
(UC Berkeley ARCH 140)
Inexpensive, unique instrument determines solar access at a site.
Construction Template  (665 kb PDF)
  Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator
Handy tool provides a relatively simple method of determining solar geometry variables for architectural design.
  Pocket Balometer
Simple tool determines airflow.

Flicker Checker
Simple tool determines fluorescent lamp ballast type.
Hibbert Group, 1-800-205-4888

  Air Flow Indicator Bubbles
Simple tool that determines general airflow patterns.
$5 1 $5

  Globe Thermometer
Thermocouple inside a mat grey ping pong ball measures globe temperature. Used to calculate mean radiant temperature
  Agents of Change Toolbox
Blow-molded equipment case, Platt 407.
Note: Prices are estimated based on current list prices, actual equipment costs may vary. Toolkit recipients are responsible for replacing any lost or damaged equipment. Developed from experiences using the larger, Vital Signs Project $25,000 equipment toolkit , the AoC toolkit has been restructured into smaller, more affordable toolkits designed around popular interest areas.
Additional Equipment:
Agents of Change recommends the following tools in addition to the tools found in the basic loaner kit.
  Li-Cor Light Meter
The LI-250A Light Meter is a single-channel readout device for use with any of LI-COR's terrestrial light sensors.
  Li-Cor Photometric Sensor
The LI-210SA Photometric Sensor is designed to measure illumination in terms of lux (1 footcandle=10.764 lux). This is radiation as the human eye sees it.
  Li-Cor Pyranometer Sensor
Instrument for measuring solar radiation received from a whole hemisphere. It is suitable for measuring global sun plus sky radiation.
  Ex-Tech Light Meter
Digital light meter measures illuminance in FC or Lux, built-in PC serial interface, external sensor.
  Minolta Luminance Meter
Measures the luminance of light sources or reflective surfaces.
  Fluke Multimeter
Measures frequency (motor speed) & AC current with an optional current clamp accessory.
  CO2 Meter
Measures CO2 (air quality indicator) and Temperature.
  VOC Sensor
Checks indoor ambient air quality, range is 50-100 parts/million.
  Ozone Sensor
Monitors ozone levels, shows the situation by a multicolor graphical display, and alarms when there is a health hazard.
  Blower Door
Tests building airtightness.



Loaner Toolkits
- Loaner Toolkit
- Loan Agreement (128 kb)
- Proposal (28 kb)

Professor Walter Grondzik measures air velocity with a Testo velocity stick

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