A knowledge base and research infrastructure are essential to support the expertise and creativity required to improve the quality of life through the design of inspiring buildings and sustainable communities and environments.

–Donald Watson, Architectural Research Quarterly, 1999

During the course of the Agents of Change project we will post documents and teaching resources generated by participants at and after the training. We have also moved the contents of "Teaching Kits" into this section. Feel free to use the teaching documents in your own courses. They area provided as Word document so you can edit them for your own use.

Teaching Documents
- Exercises
- Case Study Evaluation
- Others' Contributions
- Passing the Baton

Workshop Documents
- Training Workshop RFP
- FAQs about the RFP
- Team Presentations
   Aug 2005 New Smyrna Beach, FL
Oct 2004 Falmouth, MA
   Jan 2004 Phoenix, AZ
   Aug 2003 Oberlin, OH
Jan 2003 Portland, OR

Admin Documents
- Word Template (229 kb)
- Surveys
   Pre Evaluation
   Post Evaluation

   Return Sheet

Brook Muller measures incident radiation on glass