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To determine how the Agents of Change project pedagogy is being implemented in architectural curricula we have developed several evaluation strategies:
- Training Workshop Evaluation assesses participant learning to gauge the effectiveness of the training workshops
- Syllabi Comparisons verify the extent of AoC case study activity in courses by comparing older syllabi (prior to AoC implementation) with revised syllabi (following AoC implementation)
- Pre- and Post-Intervention Surveys assess changes in student learning, attitudes, and behaviors at the beginning of the course (prior to AoC case study assignments) with the same at course-end (after they have completed an AoC case study exercise). If you need copies, please download the Pre Evaluation and Post Evaluation documents (in pdf format) and photocopy them on white (pre-) and buff (post-) paper. Please also download the pre- and post- packet return sheet (Microsoft Word format) to include with your completed surveys.

If you have any questions about the evaluations, please contact Gwen Garrison, the AoC project evaluators at the Institute at Indian Hill.

We will post the analysis of these various evaluation strategies as soon as they are ready. In the meantime, for more immediate project experiences and observations, visit the testimonials page. We welcome all anecdotal feedback (good or bad news) about implementing AoC methodology. Please send a note by email to Alison Kwok.

Teaching Documents
- Exercises
- Case Study Evaluation
- Others' Contributions
- Passing the Baton

Workshop Documents
- Training Workshop RFP
- FAQs about the RFP
- Team Presentations
   Aug 2005 New Smyrna Beach, FL
Oct 2004 Falmouth, MA
   Jan 2004 Phoenix, AZ
   Aug 2003 Oberlin, OH
Jan 2003 Portland, OR

Admin Documents
- Word Template (229 kb)
- Surveys
   Pre Evaluation (166 kb pdf)
   Post Evaluation (156 kb pdf)
   Return Sheet (58 kb doc)

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