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Is another training session in the Midwest out of the question?

FIPSE would like to see geographic diversity in the regional training. Their preference, however, doesn't preclude having another training in the Midwest if the proposal attracts different schools and teams of participants. Depending on the building selected, the resources available and additional support provided by the host institution for the training session, and the ability to attract a variety of teams from schools who haven't previously participated, we can imagine a successful proposal might, indeed, be located in the Midwest again.

How do we coordinate travel support in addition to lodging for the participants given the $15,000 budget?

For the national training sessions (Portland, OR, and January 2005) we offer up to $200/person toward travel to/from the Training Sessions. FIPSE strongly suggested we achieve cost-effectiveness by holding regional Training Sessions where teams might drive from neighboring, nearby schools, so proposals do not need to include travel support unless the PI feels strongly about offering such an additional enticement. Even though the regional training sessions may not support participant travel costs, you are not limited to only accepting regional participants.

Lodging costs vary depending on locale, availability, and season. In Portland, we arranged a block of double-occupancy rooms at $91 per night, plus city taxes. In Milwaukee, Mike Utzinger found a spacious, quaint hotel for $58 per night for double- and triple-occupancy (in January). In August 2003, Katy Janda will use the naturally ventilated dormitories on the Oberlin campus for approximately $18 per night for each person (how many to a room, Katy?). These costs are also limited by the federal allowable rates per city.

How do I coordinate the honoraria for the Faculty Trainers? Can I pay myself? Can I pay a student for assistance?

Your budget should include a modest honoraria (we suggest at least $300/day) to the Faculty Trainers. Start early on the paperwork with your contracts or business office! Awarding a lump-sum which can include the honoraria and travel reimbursements (airfare + ground + per diem) seems to be the easiest and most efficient way of compensating the Faculty Trainers (you provide the lodging). While you're recruiting Faculty Trainers, obtain their SSN and home address.

We have issued Amendment I to the RFP clarifying administrative costs on the budget. The award may include salary and fringe benefits for the Project Investigator and student wages up to $2,000 or 13% of the award.

Should I find matching support?

Absolutely! Any support your institution can provide (e.g., hosting a reception, hosting at least one [or both] of the team-building dinners, providing additional tools, hosting trainers or trainees, release time for project administration, additional staff/student assistance, duplication of materials, ground transportation to/from building and/or workshop site, ANYTHING) would help make your workshop better. Such institutional support would speak volumes to FIPSE as a means to demonstrate how well the workshops are being included in curricula nationwide. Such support will also add to the amount of cost-sharing reported for the project as a whole.

As I understand it, e-submissions are okay. Does this mean that the two "support" letters may also be sent via email? (Or do you need the letter-headed, signed variety?).

E-mail submissions are great. The appendix "support letters" can be e-mail confirmation as well, either sent directly or forwarded with the proposal.

Is it public who the reviewers are?

The AoC Advisory Committee will select.

How did you arrive at the travel stipend for the Portland AoC session? Is there some rule of thumb for folks that might drive rather than fly....or would you recommend just using state or federal rates for mileage?

For the Trainers, we did a search on or three months prior to the workshop date to get a ballpark figure for costs. We also estimated some ground expenses and meals (using state rates). Although we aren't requiring travel stipends for participants as part of the Regional Trainings, if you are able to put that into the budget, that's great, howver, the point is to attract folks from nearby, thereby reducing expenses significantly.


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