Training Workshops: Overview      

"When we increase the use of field-based case studies in architecture curricula, students gain valuable expertise in assessing the effectiveness of the built environment."

Discover if our hypothesis is valid. Apply for an AoC Fellowship to attend a Training Session and learn to:
-   use state-of-the-art data acquisition systems and handheld equipment
- conduct a mini, field-based case study of a nearby, notable building
- practice learned teaching skills through teaching peers
- develop case-study exercises tailored for use at your home institution
- train successive generations of TAs.

Fellowship recipients are expected to:
-   incorporate the case study methodology in their coursework
- participate in all project evaluations (e.g., phone surveys, focus group interviews, follow-up surveys with students)
- revise, supplement, and share (by posting on the Web) teaching exercises
- submit course syllabi (current and future), in both electronic and paper formats
- evaluate and post on the Web high-quality case studies, linked to the Agents of Change, SBSE, and Vital Signs Web sites
- train new TAs and other faculty
- host information sessions at their home institution.

Selection criteria:
- need for and benefits of attending
- potential to contribute to the exchange of ideas
- likelihood of applying the case study approach
- architecture technology subject courses taught.

Preference given to:
- teams of faculty and TAs
- faculty who have had experience as TAs
- ensure geographic and gender diversity.

Fellowship includes:
-   double-occupancy lodging at training-designated campus housing
- meals, including two team-building dinners
-   ground transportation to/from workshop and study building sites
- materials and teaching exercises
- access to toolkit loan for a term.

Teams of faculty and TAs (or other students, design faculty, or administrators). Enrollment at regional training sessions is limited to 24 to ensure access to equipment, encourage full participation, and provide effective training.


Training Workshops
- Workshop Overview
- Atlantic Center for the Arts
   New Smyrna Beach, FL
August 3-6, 2005
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    Team Presentations
Site Map
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Past Workshops
- Oct 2004 (Falmouth, MA)
- Jan 2004 (Phoenix, AZ)
- Aug 2003 (Oberlin, OH)
- Jan 2003 (Portland, OR)

- Jan 2001 (Milwaukee, WI)
- Nov 2000 (Berkeley, CA)

Portland 2003 Training Session Participants

Training Workshop
Water Pollution Control Laboratory
Portland, OR January 2003.

Team from the University of Wisconsin
Milwaukee: Professor Mike Utzinger,
Heidi Kaspar, Erin Detwiler