Training Workshops: Oberlin 2003 Schedule
Oberlin, OH (August 8-10, 2003)
Organizer: Kathryn Janda <> 
Friday, August 8: Investigating
7:30–8:15 am
Stevenson Cafeteria
9:00–10:30 am   Welcome & Team Introductions
10:30 am –12:15 pm   Tools Training Treasure Hunt
- toolkit Introduction
- use equipment
- exploratory exercises
- launch a Hobo
12:15–1:15 pm
Stevenson Cafeteria
  Take a Tool to Lunch
1:30–3:30 pm

Description of Design Intent and Tour of Lewis Center
- David Orr, Chair, Environmental Studies Program
- Leo Evans, Oberlin Office of Facilities & Planning
- John Petersen, Environmental Studies Program

3:30–4:00 pm  


4:00–5:30 pm   Team Meeting
- review drawing
- develop questions
- hypothesis generation
- select topic
- methodology development
- equipment assembly
6:30 pm
Lewis Center Atrium
  Team Discussions at Dinner
Saturday, August 9: Measuring
7:30–8:15 am
Stevenson Cafeteria
9:00 am–12:15 pm
  Measurements in Building
Adam Joseph Lewis Center
- teams conduct field evaluations
- hypotheses re-visited
- methodologies revised
- information collected and documented
12:15–1:15 pm
Baldwin Cottage
  Take a Tool to Lunch
1:30–3:15 pm   Data Analysis
3:15–5:30 pm   Team Presentations &
Group Photo
7:30 pm
Weia Teia
  Group Dinner
Sunday, August 10: Teaching
7:30–8:15 am
Stevenson Cafeteria
9:00–10:30 am   Design Lessons Learned
Team presentations by on design lessons learned the building
10:30 am –12:15 pm   Exercise Development
Discuss exercises & approach for your course
12:15 pm–1:15 pm
Stevenson Cafeteria
1:30–2:30 pm   Evaluation Roundtable
Walter Grondzik, FAMU
- teaching assistant feedback
- networking
- sharing information
- AoC evaluation
2:30-3:15 pm   Toolkit Loans & Farewells
4:00–5:00 pm

  Special Building Tour
Oberlin College's Weltzheimer/Johnson House is a late example of Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian houses. Begun in 1948, and completed in 1950, it is the first Usonian house in Ohio. The goal in these houses was to achieve the aesthetic richness, the sense of connection to nature, and the spaciousness of Wright's earlier Prairie Style house in a small, affordable, and easily built package for the average middle-class family.
5:30 pm
Stevenson Cafeteria


Training Workshops
- Workshop Overview

- Atlantic Center for the Arts
   New Smyrna Beach, FL
August 3-6, 2005
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    Team Presentations
Site Map
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Past Workshops
- Oct 2004 (Falmouth, MA)
- Jan 2004 (Phoenix, AZ)
- Aug 2003 (Oberlin, OH)
Logistics (310kb pdf)

   Team Presentations
   Workshop Images
- Jan 2003 (Portland, OR)

Jan 2001 (Milwaukee, WI)
- Nov 2000 (Berkeley, CA)

Workshop participants
Oberlin, OH August 2003
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