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Below are team presentations from mini-case studies conducted over a two day period at the Atlantic Center for the Arts during the New Smyrna Beach, FL Training Session.
Team Tan
Emily Wright, UOregon
Bob Koester, Ball State Univ.

David Driskill, Texas Tech Univ.
Jack Elliot, Cornell Univ.
Rashmi Sonal, Arizona State Univ.

Hypothesis: The loft (catbird) spaces in both the library and the dining hall will have higher ambient and mean radiant temperatures with lower relative humidities than the main levels of the buildings.

Document: (924 kb pdf)

Team Pink
Jon Meendering, UOregon
Laura Briggs, Parson School of Design

Martin Gold, UFlorida
Dónal Lennon, UCollege Dublin-Richview
Michael Sypolt, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Krista Vanderhoof, Texas Tech Univ.

Hypothesis: The smaller entry foyer will always be cooler than the larger volume of the music studio.

Document: (4.10 Mb exe)

Team Orange
Leesa Mayfield, UOregon
Walter Grondzik, Florida A&M Univ.

Alan Hedge, Cornell Univ.
Crystal Maeker, Texas Tech Univ.
Viraj Srivastava, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Jim Tice, UOregon

Hypothesis: Opening either the double-doors, the exit door, or the sliding doors for 10 minutes will improve the thermal comfort conditions (air temperature and relative humidity) in the Dance studio.

Document: (1.44 Mb pdf)

Team Yellow
Jeff Guggenheim, UOregon
Bruce Haglund, UIdaho

Scott Clarke, UOregon
Felecia Davis, Cornell Univ.
Micah Simecek, Texas Tech Univ.
Pattra Smitthakorn, UFlorida

Hypothesis: There are 7 microclimates along the Doris Leeper Boardwalk.

Document: (1.99 Mb pdf)

Team Blue
Kathy Bevers, UOregon
Jim Wasley, UWisconsin-Milwaukee

Melissa Braun, Cornell University
Bruce Dobbs, Portland State Univ.
Andrew Leffel, Texas Tech Univ.
Tom Smith, UFlorida

Hypothesis: The illuminance levels from daylight on the table in the library will meet industry standards between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, and 8:30am and 12:30pm.

Document: (2.16 Mb pdf)

Team Purple
Vidhi Agarwal, Paladino & Co., Inc.
Nick Rajkovich, Cornell Univ.

Virginia Cartwright, UOregon
Youngmin Kwon, UFlorida
Khee Poh Lam, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Jessica Morton, UCLA

Hypothesis: The off peak use of air conditioning to cool the concrete thermal mass in the sculpture studio will create a thermally comfortable environment until noon of August 5, 2005.

Document: (6.58 Mb pdf)

Team White
David Posada, UOregon
Jonathan Knowles
Troy Peters, ArchiPhysics

Hypothesis: The air-conditioning system in the sculpture studio will produce fewer BTUs per hour, per square foot than the air-conditioning system in the painting studio over the course of one summer day.

Document: (697 kb pdf)


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