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Below are team presentations in PDF format from mini-case studies conducted at the Burton Barr Central Library during the Phoenix, Arizona Training Session. These studies represent a one-day investigation into thermal heat transfer and envelope design, patterns of air movement, and daylighting.

Team A: Vidhi Agarwal, Bruce Haglund,
David Almany, Stephen Dent, Steven Porterfield, Phoebe Richbourg, Connie ThibeauCatsis

Hypothesis: “Light transition” between exterior entry area to “Crystal Canyon” is comfortable.
-Comfortable : 1:5 brightness ratio

Document: (544 kb pdf)

Team B: Sara Goenner, Marlin Addison,
Sajini Badrinarayan, Jared Hoffman, Sandy Stannard, Brandon Stengel

Hypothesis: There will be greater air temperature stratification on the 5th floor as compared to the 3rd floor.

Document: (416 kb pdf)

Team C: Jon Meendering, Alison Kwok,
Linda Guarascio–Howard, Michael D. Kroelinger, Jonee Kulman Brigham, Mandy Martineau, Nick Reisen

Hypothesis: Stacks in direct sunlight exhibit more conditions associated with glare than those out of direct sunlight.

Document: (768 kb pdf)

Team D: Shruti Narayan, Walter Grondzik,
Ethan Atwood, Tammy Clack, Kuppaswamy Iyengar, Nam–Kyu Park, Ben Spencer

Hypothesis: There are Micro Climates in the 55th Floor Reading Room.


Document: (352 kb pdf)

Team E: Roger Ota, Harvey Bryan,
Diane Armpriest, Megan Compton, Jennifer Johnson, Rob Peña, Robert Rayner

Hypothesis: Air moves both up and down across the atrium section.


Document: (768 kb pdf)

Team F: Emily Wright, David Scheatzle,
Leslie Bailly, John Quale, Alain Rivard, Eric Roberts

Hypothesis: The Fifth Floor of the [F]oenixPublic Library is thermally more comFortable than the second Floor.

Document: (448 kb pdf)



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